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Most people believe that just by putting their property on the market, a buyer will show up and the property will sell for the asking price. They believe that because it’s what everybody seems to be doing.

When selling a property we tend to think we will be fine. But, a lot of people are not fine. They end up waiting a few months, then they reduce the price and sometimes the property is still not selling and so they have to reduce the price again. Allow us to prevent that from happening to you.

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Property Boosting Method

Because first impression matters

first impression matters

The first two months of the house being on the market are the most critical. When a property is new and hot that’s when it has the best opportunity to be sold. Selling a home smart is not about waiting for the right buyer rather, it’s positioning your property at the perfect choice in the market for the people who are truly interested in buying a home in your location. Boosting your home to become the desirable choice is a science-based on understanding the market, people’s psychology combined with a lot of imagination.

The truth about realtors is that they play the numbers game. They try to get as many potential buyers to your home as fast as they can in the hopes that someone would want to buy. The problem is that in many cases that’s simply not enough. If your property is not prepared according to what buyers are looking for then selling it will simply be difficult and will take a lot of time. Understand that boosting your home and making it stand out will not just save you time by selling it faster but will also help you avoid selling it for less than what you deserve.

How it works

Step 1: Exploration

We arrive at your property, explore and study it for over 2 hours. We record and take photos. We then create a customized strategy based on the advantages we want to highlight for your property.


Step 2: Efficient Plan

We will prepare a written detailed plan, with the home pictures which will summaries the meeting and will explain exactly how and what to do!


Step 3: Makeover

Following the plan with the homeowner, supporting and helping then with all the changes they need to do.


Step 4: Before Listing

Another visit to the house to checkout everything and show the homeowners how to present the house for sale.


Step 5: Sold

Property Boosting

Let your home close the deal for you!


Sell Faster

Statistics show that a home
that underwent preparation
will be sold 70% faster than a
home with similar parameters
that has not been prepared.


Avoid Price Reductions

A house that is not professionally
displayed will be much
harder to sell and force the
sellers after a long period in the
market to lower the price in
order to sell it.


Peace of mind

When the house is ready and
ready for sale the owners do
not have to worry, the amount
of home visits will be few and
the house will sell quickly and
at the desired price.


Proven Method

Every house that underwent
our preparation for sale is sold
within a few weeks at the
desired price.



Preparing the house will highlight
its advantages, blur its
shortcomings, and give the
potential buyer the feeling that
this is exactly the house he is
looking for. He will feel that he
has come home.



Dafna Aviv and Debra Rosenman
have many years of experience
in the field. They have
prepared hundreds of homes to
date, sold quickly and at the
desired price.


2 weeks

Promoting the preparation of
an asset takes about 2-3
weeks, in which some of the less appropriate things will be replaced
and an emphasis will be placed
on the complimenting things
until the perfect result.



You will receive support from
Daphna and discuss any questions
/ requests you may have
on the way to preparing the
property to the utmost accuracy.

Get 3 personalized actions to help you sell faster!

Send us photos of your property and we will review them and provide you with
three actions you can easily implement that will help you sell your property smarter
and sooner.

Send us photos of your property and we will review them and provide you with
three actions you can easily implement that will help you sell your property smarter
and sooner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

That depends on the amount of work needed, the amount of work that you can do yourself and the items that you will need to buy. Most items you buy, you will be able to take with you to your new place. Basically, it’s a very low investment with high return.

Our service prices depend on the size of your property starting at $1,500 for a 3 bedroom apartment.

Usually, it takes between 2-3 weeks. The amount of time it takes depends on you. If you will start immediately and work fast it will take less time.

You get our support and follow-up along the way. You will be able to send us pictures and ask us questions.

Usually, we are using as much of your furniture as possible, to save money. We will consider your furniture when we see your home and will advise accordingly.

We have a lot of experience and we work also with families with small kids. Everything will be addressed at the meeting. Our method can be implemented with kids as well.